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Over the past year I’ve compiled a pretty great list of bloggers in my Google Reader. I’d love to share it with you. It’s likely you’ll have heard of some of these bloggers – they’re all over Twitter. Some of the others are up-and-coming. I’ve already connected with a number of these people on Twitter and the others, well, I’d love to be in touch with down the road. So what do they have in common? They all provide great information via regular, high-quality blog posts on topics ranging from social media to copywriting and internet marketing tips. I hope you like them as much as I do and make them part of your daily reading, too.

Ahmed Bortokali

Ahmed is an active internet marketing consultant with experience in social media marketing, SEO and conversion optimization. Ahmed’s Blog covers just about everything within these topics, from the basics to more advanced tactics. One of my favourite of his blog posts includes Location Features on Facebook. Ahmed even has a section on his website for computer jokes.

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Alex Whalley

Alex Whalley’s blog is all about making money through niche sites and affiliate marketing. Some great recent posts by Alex include The Lighter Side of SPAM. Be Nice, They’re Reel People Too., 10 Reasons Why I Won’t Tweet, Share, Comment, Reply or Even Vaguely Linger, and The Money is in the Content. The List is Useless!

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Arnt Eriksen

Arnt is a prolific blogger and he’s got some good insights. Arnt’s blog provides “insight, questions and provocations about digital marketing, social media and storytelling – in this small connected world”. After a bit of a hiatus he’s back and better than ever. Some of his posts include The Tipping Point of Twitter, Twitter is a Catalyser? and Welcome to the Brave New World of Persuasion Profiling.

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Bill Lublin

I connected with Bill first through Twitter and then discovered his blog. He’s the CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institute and judging by his blog, he’s pretty good at what he does. Bill’s blog includes posts like my absolute favourite, Five Tips From the Social Media Expert You Called Mom , Millenials, Boomers and Generation Generalizations, and Do You Trust Your “Friends”? 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer.

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Brandon Yanofsky

Brandon is a great blogger and businessman. His blog, B-List Marketing is a way for him to “pay it forward” and help emerging small business. His blog is bright and lively, covering bigger marketing concepts. Some of his recent posts include Free Beer Tomorrow! and Is Your Marketing Actually Ruining Customer Satisfaction?

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Brankica’s blog, Live Your Love – How to Blog Like a Star is full of tips to help you build a better blog. It’s great stuff. Some of her more recent posts include Make more money with Google Adsense – Simple trick explained5 Easy Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website, and Keep Your Stupid Opinion for Yourself Sometimes.

Follow Brankica @LiveUrLove on Twitter


Brian Clark

Brian is all about offering online marketing intelligence that works. On their blog, Copyblogger he and his colleagues post about everything from copywriting and content marketing to keyword research and landing pages. Some of Brian’s stuff includes Here’s How Brevity Can Crush Your Copy and The Two Essential Elements of Irresistible Content.

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Brett Relander

Brett works with SMBs and corporate brands to develop measurable digital marketing strategies using social media, mobile, email, SEO, etc. His blog is fresh and fun, and covers social media and digital marketing tactics, trends, and tips. Great recent blog posts include How to Become a Kick Ass Blogger and How to Measure Results in Digital Marketing.

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Chris Burdge

Chris Burdge has been an online marketer since 1993 – his blog at b_WEST Interactive reflect his years of experience guiding clients through the social media maze. His recent posts include How to Get Yourself Fired on Twitter, Anti-Social Media, and most recently, Boost Your Career Prospects with LinkedIn.

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Clay Collins

I love reading Clay’s blog because he’s such a great marketer. If you want to get in on the online marketing game, follow this guy’s example. I first heard him speaking at Jeff Walker’s PLF3 last fall. Clay’s a great writer and he comes across as pretty sincere. Lately he’s been posting installments of The Marketing Show, a video blog series. Some of his posts are either selling products and systems or hiring new staff, but Clay also devotes much of his blog space to sharing his marketing wisdom.

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Darren Rowse

Darren is very well known for his blog Problogger. As his bio says, he blogs about Twitter and he tweets about blogging. And sometimes it’s the other way around. His blog is jam-packed full of social media tips and useful information for aspiring and successful bloggers. Some of his fantastic posts include Why Hopeful Bloggers are Bad Bloggers, Shakespeare on Blogging, and Why Your Self-Hosted Blog is More Valuable than Your Facebook Page.

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Eric Holmlund

Eric’s blog, Eric’s Tips is an Online Business Academy and Internet Marketing Resource Center. He’s had a lot of success and knows what works and what doesn’t. Recent blog posts include Confessions of an Internet Marketing Scammer , various lessons (he’s up to #80) like Lesson #77: On Page SEO, and Me-Too Copycat Marketers on ClickBank.

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Guy Downes

Deep Space Marketing is a joint venture social media marketing agency with a really great blog. Guy writes posts on all things social media – from Foursquare day to President Obama’s use of social media in his campaigns. He’s also a great connecter on Twitter. If you’re thinking that it’s time to learn more about social media in general, subscribe to Guy’s blog.

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Heidi Cohen

Heidi’s blog is a great mix of marketing related insights and grounded digital and direct marketing tips. Her posts are clear and well thought out, and include Earth Day 2011: 56 Ways to Recycle Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing: What are you Waiting for? 6 Must-Do Mobile Marketing Tactics.

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Ian M Rountree

It’s always nice to come across other Canadians on Twitter who are doing great things. Ian’s blog features such recent posts as 4 Important Blogging Voices (and When to Use Them), 4 Signs You’re Strip Mining Your Niche and Whatever Happened to Blog Reactions?

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Kenny Rose

Kenny is a digital marketing strategist, entrepreneur, writer, new economic revolutionary. His blog, Grit 08 looks at driving online success using revolutionary principles. He’s got a visually striking blog platform and some of his posts include Your Business Has No Soul, White Social Media Can’t Jump – Social Media for Social Good, and What Keyser Soze Can Teach You About Social Media Mystery.

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Kristi Hines

Kristi is a blogging and social media enthusiast. Her blog, Kikolani is definitely a resource for bloggers and covers everything from blog marketing, blogging tips, social networking and more. She features a regular Fetching Friday post – a mashup up useful resources. Some of her recent posts include How I Organize Google Reader for Blog Commenting and How to Increase Your Retweets, Twitter Followers & Klout.

Follow Kristi @kikolani on Twitter and Facebook


Mack Collier

Mack Collier is blogger extraordinaire and founder of #blogchat. He’s a great conversationalist on Twitter and his posts cover everything social media – from case studies to goal setting. Recent posts include Lessons from the Grateful Dead, Three Smart Ways you can use #Blogchat to be a Better Blogger and Which Fast-Food Brand has the Best Twitter Presence?

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Margie Clayman

Margie’s blog is about social media, marketing and musings. I first met Margie online during my very first #blogchat – it can be a pretty overwhelming experience and Margie was friendly and helpful (Margie also runs #tweetdiner). And then I checked out her blog. She’s a 3rd generation advertiser and her blog features in-depth posts such as My Advice: Don’t listen to me, Can the Executive Image be Feminine? and Your Greatest Enemy in Social Media.

Follow Margie @MargieClayman on Twitter


Martyn Chamberlin

Martyn’s blog, Two Hour Blogger focuses on content marketing – specifically, blogging to gain an audience, build relationships, and sell stuff. His posts include Everything You Know About Traffic is Wrong, The Shocking Guide to Incredible Productivity, and 5 Stupid Reasons Nobody Reads Your Copy.

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Nicholas Cardot

Nicholas’ blog, Site Sketch 101 is an artistic approach to online business.  The blog is based upon these 3 self-defined concepts: amazing content, brilliant design, and commanding influence. You be the judge. I’d say he’s doing pretty well. Some of his blog posts include Excuse Me, Friend, Your Jealousy is Showing, The Great Divide & The Real Value of Free, and A Purist’s Take on Search Engine Optimization.

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Rich Meyer

Rich is a self-proclaimed contrarian marketer – and that’s exactly what I love about his blog, New Media and Marketing. Some of his thought-provoking posts include Why I Don’t Believe in Polls Anymore, A 1 Second Delay in Webpage Load Time Could Cost You $2.5 Million and Another Bullshit Market Research Study that is an Embarassment to Authors.

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Robert Pickstone

Robert’s blog is all about social media, marketing and business.  His post topics range from Implementing Social Media into a Large Organization to How to Make your Customers Feel Special and Would You Pay to Use Twitter?

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Sean R. Nicholson

Sean is all about social media. Both his blog and Twitter feed are brimming with personality. One of my favourite features of his blog, SocMed Sean is his great social media comics. Other recent posts of his include Uncovering The Social Media “Secret Sauce” and The KISS Method for Determining Social Media ROI.

Follow @SocMedSean on Twitter and Facebook


Tom Pick

Tom writes Webbiquity – a B2B Marketing Blog.  The name, Webbiquity brings together SEO, search marketing, social media, reputation management, content marketing and interactive PR. Tom’s recent posts include The Dirty Dozen Top 12 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid, Why Modesty Matters for SEO Experts, and one of my favourites, The Social Media Monitoring Metric We Need But Can’t Get.

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Tyrell Mara

Tyrell’s blog is full of thoughts on life, leadership, athletics, and all things social media. Some of his recent posts include What Motivates You? A Discussion of Core Beliefs, How is Your Social Media Handshake? and Small Business and Social Media… It’s Time You Met!

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  • Richard Meyer

    WOW thank you for the mention> I try and tell it like it is

    • Anonymous

      …and you do! I always enjoy catching up on your blog posts (though I’m not sure where you find the time to write so many – and such high quality).

      • Tom Pick

        Leah – thanks so much for the recognition here! Honored. Heidi, Kristi and Mack are awesome, Margie is charming, and as for most of the rest – I guess I’ve some remarkable new names to follow.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks, Tom. I hope you enjoy my recommendations. Of course, there are so many others in my reader – I just couldn’t name them all. These are the ones I check in with most regularly. I guess I’ve got a second post in the works!

          Thanks for visiting – I always enjoy your posts.

  • Anonymous

    Update – Ian Rountree is also editor and blogger at Hard Refresh – a community driven blog. Check out his work there, too:

  • Bill Lublin

    Leah thanks so much for the kind words. Its a pleasure to be connected to you ad an honor to be included in such illustrious company. :)

    • Anonymous

      Such nice words. Thank you, Bill. I’m looking forward to more great posts from you!

  • Mack Collier

    Hey Leah thanks for the mention, and for reading 😉 Have a great weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the mention Leah, I really appreciate the linklove ( really felt it too!)

    Glad you enjoy my content and I hope to make this list again next year 😉

    Have a great day

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Alex. You’re more than welcome. Thanks for all of the great tips you provide.

  • Kristi Hines

    I’m highly honored to be listed here Leah. Thank you so much for including me in this great group of people and giving me a few new ones whom I’m going to have to go check out now. :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Kristi. There are just so many people with great ideas… I know I’m always on the lookout for new bloggers. I always find it interesting to see what other people are reading. Hope you enjoy!

  • Ryan Critchett

    Very awesome bloggers! Need to check some of these guys out.

    • Anonymous

      They are awesome bloggers. You can never say you don’t have anything to read! Thanks for visiting, Ryan.

  • Eric Holmlund

    Thanks Leah, nice blog you’ve got here yourself!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Eric.
      I love yours – it’s such a tremendous resource!

  • Marjorie Clayman

    Hi Leah,

    Wow, this post is fantastic! Not only am I honored to be included in such great company, but there are also some great bloggers here that I need to get to know.

    Thank you very much for your kindness and support. I really appreciate it!!

    • Raul Colon


      I see I am not your only fan.. you are everywhere we have in saying in spanish for that!

      • Leah Baade

        It looks like everyone’s a fan of Marjorie! Great content… super helpful… everyone should be following her on Twitter.

        Thanks for visiting, Marjorie!

  • Raul Colon


    It was a pleasure meeting you via twitter thanks to Ryan. I saw a few bloggers I love and have good relationships with them.

    It was also great to see one of my favorite people in the online world my good friend Marjorie Clayman which I call Margie…

    Will be looking forward in reading your posts!

    • Leah Baade

      It’s great to connect with new bloggers. Feel free to send any blog suggestions my way!
      Thanks for visiting :)

  • Robert Pickstone

    Leah – thank you so much!

    “How to make your customers feel special” is still my most viewed post (directly from searches). Saying that, this week is all about Auto DMs!

    I really can’t tell you how honoured I am to be on your list. There are some great bloggers on there. It makes it all seem worthwile and has put a huge smile on my face.

    Tweet soon


  • Robert Pickstone

    Leah – thank you so much!

    “How to make your customers feel special” is still my most viewed post (directly from searches). Saying that, this week is all about Auto DMs!

    I really can’t tell you how honoured I am to be on your list. There are some great bloggers on there. It makes it all seem worthwile and has put a huge smile on my face.

    Tweet soon


  • Robert Pickstone

    Leah – thank you so much!

    “How to make your customers feel special” is still my most viewed post (directly from searches). Saying that, this week is all about Auto DMs!

    I really can’t tell you how honoured I am to be on your list. There are some great bloggers on there. It makes it all seem worthwile and has put a huge smile on my face.

    Tweet soon


    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Robert. I’m not surprised that’s one of your most popular posts.
      I’m glad I could make you smile! Cheers.

  • Robert Pickstone

    Leah – thank you so much!

    “How to make your customers feel special” is still my most viewed post (directly from searches). Saying that, this week is all about Auto DMs!

    I really can’t tell you how honoured I am to be on your list. There are some great bloggers on there. It makes it all seem worthwile and has put a huge smile on my face.

    Tweet soon


  • Tyrell Mara


    I finally got a chance to go through this list and add all of these amazing bloggers to my twitter lists and RSS! Wow, what a comprehensive list!

    I appreciate all the support you have shown me over the past little bit, I am honored (and not sure that I belond :P) to be a part of this company and as you know believe that your blog should be right at the top! Look forward to continuing to connect and learn from each other, both online and off!

    Tyrell :)

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Thanks, Tyrell. I’m so glad you got some value out of this post! (I’d love to see who you’ve got in your reader…) Your blog is outstanding, and most definitely belongs here.

      Let’s stay in touch!

  • Guy

    Much appreciated Leah!

    • Anonymous

      No prob. Always love your site. It’s looking great!

  • Sean R. Nicholson

    WOW! Absolutely honored to be included in any list with such great bloggers. I would consider most of these folks to be my blogging heroes, mentors, and friends. Thanks, Leah, for including me in the list and I hope you continue to enjoy the posts :)


    • Leah Baade

      Hey no problem, Sean!
      Keep writing them and I’m sure I’ll keep enjoying them :)